Why Tales of Chybisa?

Why Tales?

Role-playing is about creating a fictional world, a story, like authors and film-makers do. To make the persons of a story believable, the creators think about the personal and cultural background of a character asking themselves: “Why would she do that? What does he know?” To answer this questions is more or less easy if you write stories like Bourne, where you can (to some degree) relay on our real world, but what were the bedside stories of a farm-boy from Tatooine?

Tales of Chybisa tries to fill some of the gaps of Hârn, the fictional world of the role-playing game Hârnmaster, a dirty medieval fantasy setting, where magic and wonders exist, but are rare. The main focus of this site is to provide players and game-masters with campfire stories, anecdotes and background information for their characters, especially if they use the Kingdom of Chybisa for their adventures.

Why Chybisa?

First, it is manageable. The amount of other sources you need to consider in keeping the content of this site coherent to the great picture of Hârn is luckily countable by the fingers of one, two, maybe three hands. See Books & Fanon

Second, it is small, but not too small. The loose restriction on this tiny kingdom, roughly the size of an earldom, offer the possibility to create a rich background with enough blank space not to suffocate.

And third, Chybisa offers many interesting stories:

  • A fertile river valley with access to the sea and the mountains, edged by dark woods, open plains and misty heathland.
  • Probably the most impressive castle of Hârn and lots of ruins to explore.
  • ‘Differences’ between the king and his son.
  • Barbarians in the surrounding countryside posing a threat to a major trading route.
  • Rumours of gold.
  • A former baron plotting revenge on his unconventional successor.
  • A kingdom trying to keep its independence from two mighty neighbours.

A struggle with words …

As you might have noticed, English is not my native language. If you spot a mistake, be kind, send a comment, I try to fix it.