Official Publications

by Columbia Games and Kelestia Productions.

Chybisa — 2nd Edition

The currently available edition. Includes articles on Chybisa, its geography, history and goverment, on Burzyn with details on town, castle and the ruins of Shobalds Tower, four maps and a general review of hârnic law. The cover art shows the Royal Guard in front of a keep, probably Onden. Chybisa at Columbia Games

Chybisa — 1st Edition

The former, more opulent edition. A reprint of three Encyclopedia Hârnica editions it includes articles on the Pagaelin and Bujoc tribal nations, descriptions of the Earthmaster sites of Beijist and Telumar and a four-pager on herbs, in addition to the articles on Chybisa and Burzyn.

Castles of Hârn

Eight castles are presented in greater detail in this book, amongst others Geda Keep, right on the border to Melderyn. The usual description of history, layout and persons of town and castle.

Hârnmaster Barbarians

A source book on the tribal nations of Hârn. Four nations are of interest: The Pagaelin in the north and west, known for their brutal and underhanded ways. The shy Bujoc of the Anadel Hills in the east, which often sabotage the mines of Chybisa and Melderyn. The Hodiri horsemen, roaming with their large cattle herds the plains of Horadir in the south. And the Chymak, the famed folk of fishermen of Belma Isle near the mouth of the Ulmerien. Hârnmaster Barbarians

Hârnmaster Religion

Information on the different churches. Peoni and Larani are the predominant faiths in Chybisa, but a Sarajin temple in Geda caters to the needs of the small ivinian community and heretic priests of Naveh are trying to gain influence on the Pagaelin. Hârnmaster Religion


The mighty neighbour in the north. Conquered and ruled Chybisa for a brief periode about forty years ago. The uncertainy regarding the succession to the kaldoric throne might pose a future threat as Kaldor is looking for an access to the sea. Kaldor


Enigmatic ‘Wizard’ Kingdom, political, economical and cultural powerhorse, gate to the rest of the world. Melderyn sustains its claim on Chybisa as Verlids father swore fealty to King Chunel to regain his reign, later breaking his oath. Mining in the Anadels and the Earl of Hardens expansion to the west concerns King Verlid too.


The Kingdom of the Sindarin, the elves of Hârn. Includes an article on Beijist, the Earthmaster ruin in the Setha Heath and its secrets. Evael

Inns of Hârn

This module presents five typical inns of Hârn, one of them the Blue Bell Inn in Geda, a popular river inn catering to bargemen, caravan guards and local townsmen. Inns of Hârn


Organization and activities of the organized crime, with a short remark on Chybisa. Lia-Kavair

Nasty, Brutish & Short

This sourcebook give information on the gargun, the hârnic orc species, including some minor details on the Chindra tribe in the Anadel. Nasty, Brutish & Short


Includes the missing list of chybisan kings. HârnPlayer


Columbia Games old magazine, with background information and possible story hooks.

  • Meldun Manor and the ruins of Invarny (HL 1)
  • Kaldor’s route to the sea — A survey of the Shomos river (HL 2)
  • The Chybisian Sucession — Another spy of the CoE is revealed (HL 6)
  • Oselbridge — Kaldors outpost on the Genin Trail (HL 7)
  • Chanakur — Tale of a banished beast (HL 7)
  • The Heart that broods — Legend of the Dark Elves (HL 9)

Encyclopedia Hârnica

Encyclopedia Hârnica was the first production line for Hârnmaster books. Issue 9-11 focus on Chybisa and the surrounding tribes, Issue 11 includes the heraldry of the major noble clans of the kingdom.

Hârnmaster Gold — Shek-P’var

Arcane lore-masters, the last chapter of this rule book on magic published by Kelestia Productions, gives information on four mages of importance for Chybisa: Genin, Haras, Pymel and Ulmer. Hârnmaster Gold – Shek-Pvar