Fan-Fiction on Chybisa

A collection of fan-fiction: description of places, adventures, background information, excluding campaign logs. If you miss something, please give me a note.


by Paul Sudlow. Voted Best Fan Article 2004.

Lerenil, first town inland from the sea on the Ulmerien River in Chybisa. Stronghold of the Baron Legith and his fearsome wife, Laowyn. A town in Chybisa full of intrigue and mysterious happenings. Lerenil is wonderfully detailed. There is a castle with an ancient tower, a large pottery complex whose owner is not all he seems, a host of nobles with their own agendas, and in summer the town plays host to a tribe of Hodiri horseclans.

This 48pp piece, written by Paul Sudlow, and ably assisted in certain sections by Sophia Tribad and Jeremy Baker, has all the depth you could want in a location description. The wonderful maps by Paul, and the many brilliant illustrations by Juha Makkonen and Ilkka Leskelä simply add to the piece. This raises the bar yet again. Lerenil

The Warrior’s Grave

by Matthias Fuchs

After strong rainfall, the ancient hill grave collapsed and much of its content was washed outside. Searchers discovered old writings on stone slabs and several valuable objects. These clues point to the ancient burial place of a Jarin warlord.

Set in the Anadel Highlands, this 69 page adventure module includes a description of the manorial village of Shenadun, several adventure sites and an adventure that leads players on a dangerous expedition into the wilderness to discover and open an ancient hill grave. Maps and plans are provided as a detail descriptions and game statistics of important NPCs. The Warrior’s Grave

Saint Angryl’s Temple

by Sophia Tribad

Founded by Kaldorans after the Treasure War in 678TR, Saint Angryl’s Temple lies in the wide valley of the Ulmerien River, almost a league south of Burzyn castle. This Peonian establishment is extremely poor, even for a Peonian temple, because of its tenuous association with the Peonian Church in Kaldor. Saint Angryl’s Temple

Sophia’s Chybisa Page

by Sophia Tribad

Sophia Tribad published many valuable articles on Chybisa for some time. Luckily a mirror of her old Sophia’s Chybisa Page is still online. It includes

  • Maps of several manors, inns, temples and the kingdom,
  • Information on Traveling, Trade & Economics,
  • Thoughts on Nobility, Clans and connections between Chybisa, Melderyn and Kaldor.

Please visit it.


by Jeremy Baker

An excellent addendum on Horadir the range of the Hodiri tribes south of Chybisa. Horadir

Mines of Chybisa

by Jeremy Baker

The document outlines the possible number, type and location of Chybisan mines. Mines of Chybisa

Fortified Manor

by Kerry Mould

An unnamed example of the estate of a rich knight with several holdings. Perfect for use as the manor house for one of the chybisan barons of Aereben, Andazyn and Caermel. Fortified Manor

Thonahexus — Issue 3

edited by Lucas Magnusson

Thonahexus is one of the hârnic fanzines. Issue 3 includes articles on the Morsindar and on khuzdan statues in the Ulmerien River valley. Thonahexus — Issue 3

Who eats the Chybisan surplus food?

by Ilkka Leskelä

An article on Chybisa as export nation for food. Who eats the Chybisan surplus food?

Le Temple de Larani de Burzyn

by Raphaël Tourde

Description of the laranian temple in Burzyn. Comes along with maps of the temple and two fiefs in Chybisa. Le Temple de Larani de Burzyn