A short Survey of the Ruins of Chybisa – Part I

We know of at least 13 ruins in Chybisa: Caer Shobald in Burzyn and the twelve abandoned manors on the kingdom map. When and for what reasons were they deserted?

The Great Flood of 707

Thirteen years ago, Hârn was hit by extraordinary rains and storms causing many floods. The Ulmerien burst his banks, its waters destroying Caer Shobald and harrying many villages in the river valley. At least three abandoned manors could be attributed to this desaster: Forstane, Gallar and Aberulmer. There might have been even more along the northern bank, which perished without a trace in the river.

The Treasure War of 675-678

Without doubt Torastras army plundered many manors and laid waste to several villages especially those north of the Ulmerien. Some of this ruined manors were rebuild afterwards, some were salvaged for stone and timber to repair the damages of the war and later of the flood. At the moment at least four deserted villages from this period await new settlers: Darcen, Valldy, Invarny and Shuris.

Barbarian Raids and derelicted Mines

The remaining five abandoned manors are harder to classify. Rynath and Dumerien were established offsite the Genin Trail in the northwest, right at the base of the hills. An unusual place considering there is still plenty of untapped fertile soil along the river. But perfect for a mining operation. Were they destroyed by Kaldor or Pagaelins? Or were they gainless?

From the story of Merren of the Valley we know that at least one of manors in the southwest was abandoned before the Treasure War. It is likely that all three – Staenor, Omaldy and Landin – were subject of raids by Hodiri warriors.

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