The Ferryman and the Giant

It was at the Yaelmor of Savor a long time ago, before the first bridge was build, when a large man spoke to the ferryman of Burzyn. “Hey, ferryman”, he spoke with a booming voice, “I’ve got a worthwhile charge for you.” The ferryman was happy about this, for the night was dark and only a few were willing to cross the Ulmerien at such times. “But there is one condition”, the giant said, “you are not allowed to talk. If you just speak one word, your pay will be forfeited.”

But this was easy for the ferryman, for he was used to aloneness and able to keep silent. He agreed and anon there was a strange patter and whisper. But the man could not see, where the sound came from. He went to the other side of the river and again he heard this strange patter. Thus was the way the whole night and not until the crack of dawn his work was done.

However the ferryman had gotten a little bit curious and so he asked his companion: “Dear friend, please tell, what did I ferry across the river this night?” But the giant simply nodded towards the embankment and when the ferryman looked closely, he saw a tangle and a milling mass of gnomes and other fair folk on the north bank of the Ulmerien. “It get’s to loud for them,” the giant said, “the good folk loves the silence. Since your people started digging holes in the ground to haul out the iron of the hills, they don’t want to stay in this valley anymore.” Then he asked the ferryman, what he should get as payment for his service: “What do you want, a bull or a horse?” The ferryman demanded a horse and the giant gave him a beautiful black stallion, whose offspring, so the people say, was later the horse of old King Verlid in his victory.

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